Our Team

Meet the team behind the magic in City Smoke House's kitchen. From daily operations down to the very details of making sure your deliveries are at your door on time, our team consists of food-loving, fun-filled, and passionate aficionados.


Caitlin Quigley

Operations. Mayo to our sandwich. Mother to us all. Caitlin 'Quiggie' Quigley grew up in the Bay Area, having previously worked with Peet's Coffee, she's well drilled in the F&B industry. On the daily, Caitlin ensures your orders are in, deliveries are sent out on time, everyone in the office is doing what they're supposed to be doing, and that the food tastes good (not part of the job description, but she insists). Her recommendations are the beef brisket, the ribs, and the collard greens.


Mario Velazquez

Head Chef. JalapeƱo Connoisseur. Father of two boys. Mario is the first person in the kitchen every morning at 5AM, taking the meats out of the smoker for the day. Not only does he prep all of your customized meals and menus, he also preps the signature barbecue sauce and rub that goes into all of our dishes. The silent and brooding type, he always chows down lunch without complaint. From the mac and cheese, to the fruit salad, to the baked beans, there's nothing on the menu that exits our door without Mario's magic touch!


Cesar Velazquez

The Muscle. The Scout of the Finest Ingredients. Father of four girls and one boy. You might have noticed the same last name as our Head Chef, and yes, they are indeed brothers. On the daily, Cesar scours markets to bring us the best quality of products for the kitchen to cook and prepare. An easy-going prompt man, he's always right on the dot, back in time for lunch.