Brian and Brandon

Brian and Brandon


our roots

Founded by two brothers, Brandon and Brian Yee, City Smoke House began in 2010. We've been using refined barbecue cooking styles with fresh ingredients to make mouth-watering pulled pork, beef brisket, and savory sides that are perfect for any sized gathering. Driven by refined flavors and simplicity, the two brothers have made it their mission to perfect every dish.

"Born and raised in The Bay Area, our passion and love came naturally. While growing up, cooking was an essential part of the family as our parents cooked homemade meals everyday. If we weren’t cooking, we were exploring different restaurants to try new things and watching cooking shows. Along the way, these traditions became a passion as we got older and realized our love for food. Being in the food business isn’t new for us either despite being really young but our father and uncle had a pizza place called Golden Boy in Berkeley and being around that atmosphere provided us with the right kind of foundation. "
"In high school, we bought our first smoker and thus, began our barbecue journey. Through trial and error, we burnt through a lot of meat before getting to where we are now. Leaving our old careers behind, we decided to invest in our dreams together. Delicately monitoring the time and care it takes, we have refined our techniques through temperature, smoke, and flavor. Having a palette for different kinds of cuisines helped shaped us and brought in what we like today. We were taught different techniques by our parents on how meat should taste, be it dry or juicy. "
Mr. Yee, Brian, and Brandon

Mr. Yee, Brian, and Brandon

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All of our preparation happens right in the kitchen where everything happens.

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Where ingredients come together and made fresh daily

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From cheesy sauces and sides

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To our succulent pulled pork prepared by Brandon

We look forward to serving your next office meeting, birthday party, or even your wedding.