Ingredients To Live By

This week on Nice to Meat You!:

Garlic & Onions

For today's installment, we wanted to show another glimpse into our daily rituals in the kitchen. It's without question that garlic and onions are two essential ingredients that have been in many chefs' pantries.

As Brian has said, garlic and onions to us can be what salt and pepper are to someone else. Everything good and tasty starts with the two ingredients; it's like a foundation that can be found in every cuisine. Not only does it add flavor to the dish but it adds a sweetness and a spiciness, a combination so simple it can satisfy your palette.

For Brian and Brandon, garlic and onions were never missing in their parents' cooking. Always present in every dish and every meal, it came naturally for them to incorporate the two ingredients into our barbecue and smoked meats. When asked if you can have either ingredient without the other, both brothers agreed, however, if they had to choose, neither could live without garlic.

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