Summer Barbecue Party Time!

Summer is upon us and we've been blessed with such beautiful weather this past couple of weeks in San Francisco. Things are certainly heating up in our kitchen this month of May that is dedicated to National Barbecue Month, and we're not mad at it! It’s almost as if it is the unofficial holiday and a fantastic way to celebrate the start of summer.

For this week on Nice to Meat You!, we wanted to do a twist on this blog post, instead of perhaps giving you guys great ideas for your next barbecue party, we would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see on our menu. Since everyone’s idea of a barbecue party may not be the same, a variety of ideas and different types of meat and vegetables are always a refreshing insight for our kitchen.

We love hearing your comments and thoughts about our food, be it good or bad! Needless to say, we try to keep our kitchen full of new innovative ideas to enhance our own concept of barbecue. Aside from our signature pulled pork, rotisserie chicken, and spare ribs where meat just fall off the bones (shameless plug here), it’s always interesting to hear what our customers want to see in our expansion as well.

So please feel free to comment on our social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram or send us an email about your thoughts and ideas!

Have a great week, everyone!