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Taking a close look at our humble neighborhood, Soma

Vibrant and fast-paced, SoMa, or as known as South of Market, consists of the Mission Bay and South Beach. Considered to be one of the busiest areas in downtown San Francisco, SoMa is a gentrifying neighborhood that is surely up and coming.

Filled with landmarks like the waterfront AT&T park, where the SF Giants play baseball, and Yerba Buena Gardens, that is surrounded by an arts center, the convention center, Moscone Center. Not only is the neighborhood filled with various types of businesses, it also includes several museums, including the acclaimed SFMoMa, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. But most importantly, SoMa is jammed with upscale dining spots and energetic nightclubs.

As one of the businesses in this animated neighborhood brimmed to the top with vigorously characters, we are enthusiastic to see all the new businesses that are popping up around every corner. With so many offices and companies in the area, SoMa is a great spot to grab lunch during your break - from SoMa Eats, to Rooster & Rice and, to Box Kitchen, it's hard to go hungry here.