Behind the Rub & Sauce

It's only natural that we created our very own rub and sauce in the process of curing our smoke meats. Made with love, the creation stems from the same concept of simplicity - by effortlessly accentuating the natural flavors of the meat.

Less is more

In preparation of any meats or dish, we marry them with our signature rub, a combination of spices and herbs to enhance your experience. Uncomplicated and flavorful, the purpose of the rub is to never blend the meat with different seasoning.

Sweet, smoky, spicy, and tangy, our sauce is anything but overpowering. Inspired by the different flavors and cuisines we have experienced all over the world and in the country, our barbecue sauce is certainly reminiscent of the traditional Texas-style yet it isn't a representation of any region or country. A hybrid of a worldly palette, our barbecue sauce is a suitable companion for any choice of meal you pair it with.